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Tourist Activities in Semuliki National Park Uganda

Birding in Semuliki National Park Uganda

Birders who travel to Semliki are always rewarded with some of Africa’s best forest birding areas. The important birding areas are Sempaya as well as Ntandi and these provide excellent viewing point of the birds including the White-crested Hornbill, Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill, and Yellow-throated Nicator, Piping Hornbill Great blue as well as Ross’s Turacos.

The important bird spotting point in the park is around River Kirumia. The world endangered species of the shoebill stork can be regularly seen at close quarters on Lake Albert and forest walks are good for tracking water birds.

Cultural Encounters in Semuliki National Park Uganda

The Batwa’s hunter-gatherer lifestyle means they have always been dependent on Semliki forest and here the traditional inhabitants of the park visit the park to extra materials such as green plants to be prepared as food, timber to build shelters for themselves, also extra different plant life to help them as medicine as well as some tools, though this is beginning to change as a result of interaction with other local communities.

Tourism offers an alternative source of income for the Batwa, and gives them the chance to maintain and display their rich cultural history through organized music and dance performances done to excite tourists at the performing place called Ntandi.

They also produce locally made handcrafts such as mats, baskets, local tools, huts clay pots, among others. In order to bring staged authenticity Aboma cultural village is currently under construction so that room can be created for the Batwa community who for long lived in the park area to demonstrate how they used to live in the forest.

Game Drives in Semuliki National Park Uganda

Three tracks cross the savannah grassland of Toro Semliki Wildlife Reserve. During game drive in Semliki, visitors can view the smaller forest as well as larger savannah elephants which regularly visit this area and also other animal species such as buffalo, as well as the waterbuck, crocodile, warthog and the Ugandan respected bird species called the Uganda kob.

With luck, visitors can also have chance see pygmy hippopotami as well as leopards and elusive bush babies. Game drives in the Wildlife Reserve can take place in the place at any time of the day but its recommendable for visitors to go for game drives in the morning because most of the game come out to look for what to eat, also in the afternoon one can do game drives and at night game drives are allowed in order to see the other animal and bird species which rarely move during day for instance visitors can come across curious nocturnal species such as the white-tailed mongoose at night.

Hiking and Nature Walks in Semuliki National Park Uganda

The activity is done around the Kirumia Trail which is almost 13km long and it passes in middle of the forest to the Semliki River. The nature walks in this trail start at 8 am and it takes visitors 8 hours to rotate a round and its one of the perfect trails for birders. The other interesting trail is the Red Monkey trail which is estimated to be 11km long. It passes through the park’s Eastern border which is the strong hold area for the rare deBrazza’s monkey found only in River Semliki. The Sempaya Nature Trail which is 8km long offers opportunities for the visitors to see the primates and hot springs which characterize the Semliki national park. The best time for visiting this trail is in the morning and afternoon and visitors should be ready for 2-4 hour hike.

Hot Springs in Semuliki National Park Uganda

The long trail which takes like one hour leads the tourists to the outer part meeting the Male” spring that also leads visitors through a patch of forest where red-tailed monkeys as well as the grey-cheeked mangabeys and black-and-white colobus monkeys are regular. A tree house which is built is aimed at providing an aerial view of the surrounding areas in the park and also ensuring that visitors enjoy bird watching and game viewing at one focal point. A 30-minute hike through palm forest from the main road leads to the inner, “female” spring, mostly occupied by a boiling geyser. Eggs and matooke (green plantain) can be cooked in these boiling waters and enjoyed by hungry hikers.

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