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Hiking and Nature Walks in Semuliki National Park Uganda

The activity is done around the Kirumia Trail which is almost 13km long and it passes in middle of the forest to the Semuliki River. The nature walks in this trail start at 8 am and it takes visitors 8 hours to rotate a round and its one of the perfect trails for birders.

The other interesting trail is the Red Monkey trail which is estimated to be 11km long. It passes through the park’s Eastern border which is the strong hold area for the rare deBrazza’s monkey found only in River Semliki.

The Sempaya Nature Trail which is 8km long offers opportunities for the visitors to see the primates and hot springs which characterize the Semuliki national park.

The best time for visiting this trail is in the morning and afternoon and visitors should be ready for 2-4 hour hike.

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