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2 days Semuliki National Park Uganda safari, Uganda birding safari tour

2 days Semuliki National Park Safari takes you to Semuliki National Park; one of the best birding destinations in Uganda for bird lovers interested in Uganda birding safaris. Our Semuliki National Park safari will start and end in Kampala Uganda’s capital and largest city. The journey takes a drive of about 6-7 hours if you are coming from Kampala.

Uganda’s Semuliki National Park is located in a remote part of Bundibugyo District near Fort-portal in Western Uganda known as the Bwamba County. Semuliki National Park is the only park in Uganda with a tropical flat forest.

Semuliki National Park has over 435 bird species and they are mainly West Africa forest species. Semuliki National Park has over 63 mammals including elephants, leopards, buffaloes, flying squirrels, pygmy antelope and six types of bats, 9 primates; chimpanzee, blue monkey, Vervet monkeys, baboon and at least 374 species of butterflies. Hippos and crocodiles can also be seen along Semuliki River.

2 days Uganda safari to Semuliki National Park Safari Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Drive from Kampala to Semuliki National Park for your afternoon game drive in the park

Wake up very early in the morning and take breakfast at your hotel. After breakfast at your hotel in Kampala you will be picked up by our Uganda safari guide and depart by road to Semuliki National Park by 5am. You will enjoy the striking scenes of the Western Albertine rift valley as you drive to Bundibugyo town. Upon arrival, you will check into the park, have lunch and after do a simple afternoon game drive where you see some elephants, buffalo, leopard, antelopes, big cats among others. Hippos and crocodiles can also be seen along Semuliki River.

Day 2: Explore Semuliki National Park

You and your guide will begin your day 2 with the most eye-catching item in Semuliki National Park and this is a tour to the Sempaya hot springs. These natural springs have a geyser shooting up from an 8 meters-wide hole at a very hot temperature. The hot springs are the largest of their kind in Uganda. You will do an egg boiling experiment in the water of the hot springs.

Along the same trail, you can recognize quite a number of bird species like blue breasted kingfisher, the 4-hornbill species; White Crested, Red Dwarf, Black Dwarf and Wattled Casqued that cannot be spotted anywhere else in Uganda and many more birds.

End of your 2 days Uganda safari in Semuliki National Park Uganda.

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