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Tips on how to best enjoy your birding day in Semuliki National Park

Are you planning to visit Semuliki National Park Uganda on your short Uganda wildlife safari. Enjoy your Uganda birding safari day in the “The true birders’ haven”; Semuliki National Park that lies within the western arm of the East African rift valley bordering river Semuliki and Lake Albert in the north, Democratic Republic of Congo in the west, and Mountain Rwenzori in the south east. This park covers an area of about 220 square kilometers in western Uganda; Bundibugyo district.

In order to do this one day birding safari Uganda, our client is required to spend a night in areas close to the park; in Fort portal or Kasese. Departing for Semuliki National Park from Kampala via the Kampala-Mubende-Fort portal road, it is about 300km driving for about 5hours. While using the Kampala-Masaka-Mbarara-Kasese-Fort portal road which is about 510km taking a drive of about 8hours. Because of these long hours, it prompts you make a decision of spending a night in the areas around Semuliki National Park.

How to spend your Uganda birding safari day in Semuki National Park

Enjoy this spectacular drive with views of Lake Albert and the legendary Mountain Rwenzori ranges on your way to Bundibugyo town. Semuliki National Park has a great location within western Albertine Rift valley region and is situated at the eastern section of Ituri forest that connects Uganda with river Congo.

Semuliki is a site for bird lovers with approximately 400 species of birds; mainly forest birds. There are approximately 300 species of trees have been recorded in the forest and more than 52 mammal species including 11 diurnal species in the park.

Upon arrival in the park, you will do a nature walk through the forest with a guide where you will be able to see variety of birds as well as animals with in the park. In addition to birds, you will encounter with primates such as the grey checked mangabey plus the red-tailed monkey. This activity will take around 4 hours.

From there you will visit the Sempaya hot springs. These natural springs and have a geyser shooting high from an 8-meter-wide hole at a very high temperature. Of all hot springs in Uganda, this is the largest in the whole of Uganda. On this very trail, you may identify a couple of bird types such as the blue breasted kingfisher and Frasier’s ant-thrush. You will also experience egg boiling in the hot springs; an activity you will never forget. After transfer back to your hotel

After your birding tour in Uganda, you can continue to other parks like, Kibale National Park, Mountain Rwenzori National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Lake Bunyonyi Uganda and many more depending on choice.

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