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Semuliki Safari Lodge

Semuliki Safari Lodge is one of the artistic Uganda safari accommodations for tourists in Uganda. Semuliki safari lodge is situated in the Semuliki Valley Wildlife Reserve, formerly called the Toro Game Reserve, in the Western Rift Valley.

It was attractively built out of local traditional materials that gave it a gorgeous look without losing all important comfort. Tourists on Uganda safaris to Semuliki National Park and Uganda birding safaris in the Semuliki forest always use this lodge for accommodation.

The lodge offers a homely environment at the lodge with sofas piled high with soft cushions, loads of books to read and hospitable welcoming staff.

Room arrangement

Guests in Semuliki safari lodge stay in large canvas tents with permanent thatched roofs. Each tent contains an en-suite bathroom with running water, hot water, four-poster beds, mahogany floors, electric lighting and a private veranda offering stunning panoramic views.

Four tents enjoy views over the Savannah and the escarpment, while the other four tents enjoy views over the forest and the Rwenzori Mountains.

The restaurant

Food served at the lodge is freshly made, their fore very ideal for clients. From the bread baked daily, to the soups, the delicious dishes and desserts. While visitors at the lodge may choose to do nothing and relax by the pool which overlooks the mountains, or participate in a number of Uganda safari activities in and around Semuliki National park that are offered at the lodge.

How to get to Semuliki Safari Lodge

By road

Semuliki safari lodge is approximately 5 hour’s drive from Kampala. 3 hour’s drive from Queen Elizabeth National Park and 1-hour drive from Fort Portal town.

By air

It takes a duration of about 1-hour from Entebbe to the airstrip near to the lodge.

It is the only accommodation in over 500 square kilometers of wilderness, offering a truly private experience.

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