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Adventure Africa with a hike to the True birder’s haven – Uganda safari News

Endowed with an extension of the Ituri rain-forest of Congo, Semuliki National Park lies in the Western Albertine rift valley in Bwamba County, a remote part of the Bundibugyo District, in the Western Region of Uganda. Semuliki National Park Uganda is endowed with rain forests which are an extension of the Ituri rain-forest of Congo, swamp vegetation, rivers, bird species, flora and fauna among other features. Nature walks and hiking safaris Uganda is the best Uganda safari activity normally done by travelers interested in Uganda adventure safaris. It is the only way you can do and see to see various things in and around this park. Other activities that can enable you enjoy this park is a Uganda birding safari because this park is a true birder’s haven.

Habitats in Semuliki National Park

30 species of butterflies have been identified, including 46 species of forest Swallowtails and Charaxes (75% of Uganda’s total) and at least 235 species of moths have been classified as restricted. There are also 305 species of trees recorded, of which 125 species are restricted within Semuliki National park alone. Over 441 species of birds have been recorded.

Nature walks in Semuliki National Park

Nature walks can be done following various trails in Semuliki national park which offer a great access to the savannah grasslands, rain forests, and the swamps in the park, as you start the nature walk you will be with a skilled guide who is well informed about the different things along the trails, this will give you a memorable experience in the wild. Some of the trails include;

Kirumia Trail

The 13 km Kirumia Trail goes through the middle of the forest towards River Semuliki. Hiking it roughly takes 8 hours beginning at 8am. This trail starts from Kirumia which is just about 8 Kilometers from the Park headquarters in Ntandi. Varieties of birds can be seen on this trail and is most recommended trail for bird watching and butterfly watching as well as many varieties of butterflies do breed on this trail since it has good forest canopy. Number of woodland birds such as the black and white casqued hornbill can be spotted on the trees alongside the rails.

Red Tailed Monkey/ Primate Trail

The 11km Red Tailed Monkey Track extends to the eastern border of the park then proceed towards the Semliki River. A nature walk there takes you through an encounter its populated red tailed monkeys hence the name. other primates include; baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, and grey checked mongabeys.

Since the trail starts from the Sempaya tourism site and stretches into the forest, it gives you the provision to reach the Semuliki river and end up from the park headquarters.

Birders are also able to see number of forest and woodland birds along this trail other mammals seen there include the duikers, forest elephants, forest buffaloes and some other antelopes can be seen on some occasion. The trail has good canopy however its muddy due to the fact it is a tropical region situated in the Congo basin with a lot of trees having the roots just on the ground surfaces as a breathing means. Care should always be taken of where to step, if not so, your shoes might end up be swallowed by mad.

Sempaya Nature Trail

The 8 km Sempaya nature trail takes you for a Uganda adventure safari to spot the hot springs as well as the primates in this park. You may opt to cut this trail shot by just moving from the Sempaya tourism center and slop down to view the hot springs both the male (Bamaga) and the female (Nyansimbi). The water in these hot springs boils at a temperature of 100°C and it can be experimented by cooking eggs or bananas in this water.

The hike lasts 3 hours and can be done in the morning and afternoon. It is so interesting and a great one to use specially the primate, butterfly and birder lovers.

This trail also gives you a great chance to view the mountain Rwenzori rangers on the back ground and view of the Semuliki valley.

Nyabsurogo Gorge Hike

The Nyaburogo gorge at Semuliki National Park that starts right away from the reserve headquarters. It covers a distance of about 7 km. This hike takes you through the gorges including the Savannah, woodland and a forest within the gorge. The gorge habits a number of wildlife including number of bird species such as Ground hornbills, Arrow marked Babbler, Tropical Boubal, Black-headed, Bushrike, Luhdres Bushrike and umbers of primates can be sited as you hike within the trails in the gorges. Some of the primates including Vervet monkeys, Black and white colobus monkeys and Baboons which are common alongside the road as you start the trail.

The Batwa cultural trail.

This trail stretches near the Ntandi park headquarters to the forest where it leads to the batwa cultural sites where ceremonial activities such as circumcisions, meetings, kingship, and other cultural maters are performed from.

Generally, the length of the nature walks/hikes is totally dependent on which trails you took, what activity you are doing and the weather conditions of the area. So sometimes it can be a few hours or a full day.

Hiking tips

Visitors are advised to have enough drinking water, sturdy shoes/boots, rain jackets, packed lunch, binoculars, cameras, long sleeved shirt, hats, travel guide books and other things as you are briefed while on trip.Top of Form.

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